Tereza Rosalie Kladošová is a Czech-based fashion, textile designer, artist and an Academy of Art, Architecture and Design graduate in Prague. In 2019, she received a prize for the Best Designer and Best Fashion designer at the Czech Grand Design Awards, the most prestigious award in Czech Republic.


In her designs, she works with fascination with colours, pattern combination, love for home crafts and her original sense of humour. Tereza is producing her own sustainable material from merino wool leftovers and creates all the prints and patterns inside the studio.


Tereza is currently collaborating with czech brand Woolife, creating line of wool products. Browse the collection here. If you have great idea what we can make together I am all for fun project.


In her designs, she is intuitive and guided by her fascination with colours, pattern combinations, her original sense of humour and a love for home crafts.


Feeling responsible for the impact she makes on the world, Tereza is producing her own sustainable materials from merino wool leftovers. In her studio, she combines her originality, passion for visual storytelling, vibrant and playful colour palettes, material knowledge, and craftsmanship to develop unique prints and patterns that are typical for her mesmerizing collections and represent her Design DNA.


Studio Address:

Osadní 26
Prague  7, 170 00


E: hello@terezarosaliekladosova.com
T: +420 604 161 087



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